Food Glorious Food!

Food Glorious Food!

An image of a tower of cheeses
‘Cheese’ cake? A new trend – but very popular! Image courtesy of Claret Catering.

Hi All,

Happy New Year!


An image of some canapes.
Canapes. Finger foods are becoming more and more exciting. Fine dining in teeny morsels! Just FYI those Quail’s Eggs were beyond delicious!

Hmm you get to this time of the year and all everyone is thinking about is diets and healthy eating, even the mere mention of chocolate is a terrible sin! I’m not even joking but over the Christmas and New Year period I think my blood was mainly made up of Terry’s Chocolate Orange and Mince Pies. We are real foodies here at Team Bridal Reloved. Quite often it won’t even be 10.30am before the first ‘what’s everyone doing for lunch question?’ is asked. If we are going out for a meal, then menus will be consulted and pored over all day long so we can make an informed choice when we arrive at the restaurant. Now we are in January most of the team, (excluding Karly, our apprentice, who has just devoured a beautiful sandwich made on Tiger bread – I am actually salivating!), are on a health-kick and trying to stay away from anything delicious and gravitating towards anything that tastes like cardboard!

An image of more canapes.
More tiny morsels of delight – does anybody else always linger near the kitchen doors waiting for the canapés to appear? No? Just me then….. Image courtesy of Claret Catering

So naturally as food is the only thing I can actually think about right now, I thought I’d write a blog about food and drink at weddings (apologies if you are trying not to think about food right now and only have celery and carrot sticks to look forward to #SorryNotSorry). Often this is one of the hardest choices to make, although menu tasting is highly enjoyable so in reality it isn’t the most arduous of tasks. There are so many options for catering a wedding these days and more often than not, it is a case of the budget you are working with that helps make the decision for you. However, always remember you want to leave your guests feeling satisfied and above all you want to enjoy your first meal as a married couple too! Nowadays you also have to consider dietary requirements, there are many allergies and intolerances to think about.

An image of sweet and savoury canapes
Sweet ones and savoury ones – at the same time! Heaven! Image courtesy of Claret Catering
An image of canapes being served in spoons.
You don’t even have to get your fingers dirty…great presentation and serving ideas. Image courtesy of Claret Catering.

Dawn from Dorset based Claret Catering says, ‘we tailor make all our menus to suit your own personal tastes and budget. Our aim now and always will be to offer fantastic food, superb service along with value for money.’  www.claretcatering.co.uk

An image of tables set up for a sit -down meal
Sit-down and silver service. The most popular and traditional choice . Image courtesy of Claret Catering.
An image of some kegs of beer
Some would say the most important part of any occasion….the refreshments…Image courtesy of Claret Catering

The first option is the most popular, which is the silver service sit-down meal. Guests can pre-order what they’d like to eat from the choices you give them, so they will more than likely enjoy it and it helps on the day as the waiting staff can work without obstruction and get everyone’s meals out at the same time. This is a great option for a formal wedding when you are expecting over 100 guests. The catering staff are in a finely tuned rhythm making sure everyone is fed and watered, plates are moved seamlessly in and out of the kitchen and it generally, (barring any major disasters), runs to clockwork.

Image of a Chocolate pudding.
Pudding and chocolate – the two most beautiful words in the English language. Image courtesy of Claret Catering.

The second option is to have a sit-down meal with an assortment of different dishes on each table. The benefit of this option is that your guests can pick from a variety of foods, but are still sat at the table and the catering staff are still able to replenish and replace the dishes without obstruction. This is always a popular option at Asian weddings – and believe me if Shish Kebab isn’t one of the starters then there is a mutiny! (Obviously I have never ever been known to participate in these mutinies….maybe once then….)

An image of a table full of puddings.
I have the Bake-Off Tent in my garden – this is what I rustled up one morning when I had nothing to do – just call me Mary!

The third option is a buffet. I have to say we Brits are accomplished at a great many things but if there is one thing we over-achieve at consistently it is creating a buffet! There are also different serving options if you go down the buffet route. You can have a buffet which is served by the catering staff, meaning you can still have tables and seating plan and then each table can be called up to be served. Then you will have pre-arranged with the caterers about how much of each item goes on each plate, so the staff will work to this therefore avoiding any embarrassing shortages of food. Or you could go for the traditional buffet table, groaning under the weight of all the food, where there are no catering staff present and all your guests can just help themselves. The only drawback of doing it this way is, unless you really do have a never-ending supply of food, there is nothing to stop people from grabbing a couple of cheeky extra sausage rolls which means by the time the last table have made it to the buffet the only things left are the vegetable crudités and the cheese and cucumber sandwiches that are curling at the edges. Basically everything that the earlier tables didn’t quite fancy.

An image of vegetable barbeque skewers
Barbeque skewers – roll on Summer! Image courtesy of Claret Catering

If you are getting married in the summer, have a direct line to the God of Hot Weather and can basically guarantee you are going to have a gloriously warm day then obviously a barbecue/hog roast is the answer. Tell me who doesn’t love a good barbecue? Once the meat choices are made the only things you have to think about is three or four salads, varieties of breads, sauces and possibly cheeses. It’s great if you don’t want a formal sit-down meal and want it to be a more relaxed affair, with guests able to mingle amongst themselves.

And image of a hog roast
Hog Roast – a crowd pleaser for sure.

An increasingly popular choice is to have an early evening ceremony and turn the reception into a smart, sophisticated cocktails and canapé reception. You can really go to town with the different cocktails you choose to serve and why not devise your own with a Mixologist? You can create your own signature cocktail to celebrate your union and then long after your wedding on a gloomy evening you can recreate your signature drink to remind you of your happy day! Canapés can be as varied as you like – the choice is endless. Salmon blinis, mini Yorkshire puddings with roast beef and horseradish, mini goat’s cheese tartlets, chicken satay skewers – see what I mean I could go on and on. This is a great option for an intimate affair with a maximum of 70-80 guests. It is also a wise idea to let your guests know it is cocktails and canapés, so they can eat something substantial before they arrive, or are prepared in advance to make a naughty stop at the big golden arches on the way home.

An image of champagne bottles in an ice bucket
Champagne – did you know fizz is a legal requirement at weddings? (I might have made that up..)
An image of glasses of Pimms
Pimms can be counted as one of your five a day – have five and you’ve ticked all the boxes..(again that might not be strictly true) Image courtesy of Claret Catering.

The last option is to have a Tea Party. A great idea if you are having a mid to late afternoon ceremony. Tea parties are very popular at weddings these days. With the rampant rise of the Great British Bake Off, cake is now a massive part of our lives. You can have dainty sandwiches, fresh scones, (scones as in cons not scones as in bones!), with heavenly Devon clotted cream and a feast of petit-fours and pastries. This can work great with a hog roast later on in the evening. A brilliant combination with something for everyone.

An image of a table set for afternoon tea
I love Afternoon Tea – there is something so genteel and terribly British about it. Image courtesy of Claret Catering.

I hope all of this food talk hasn’t left your tummy rumbling! I’ll be talking to some caterers over the next few months to see what new culinary trends we can expect in 2016. They are sure to be delicious so remember to sign up and subscribe if you don’t want to miss out on any inspiration. Oh and if you want to see what culinary delights I’ve had the pleasure of consuming – check out my Twitter feed @zbridalreloved. With that I am off to find some lunch!

An image of a delicious pudding
Do you think this is ok for lunch? Please, pretty please? Image courtesy of Claret Catering.

Thanks so much to Dawn at Claret Catering for allowing us to use her glorious images – their food is delicious, I have posted their website link above.

Bon Appetite!

Zarina xx

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