Choosing your wedding shoes: Comfort vs Style

This week we talk to the lovely team at Elegant Steps to give you some shoe inspiration – shoespiration!


When planning your wedding, there are countless factors to take into consideration; the dress, the flowers, the venue, the food – to just name a few. However, when it comes to what a bride wears on the day – finding the perfect pair of wedding shoes is also absolutely essential.

Although, one problem many brides have is deciding which is more important when it comes to wedding shoes – comfort, or style? Fear not – Elegant Steps has every style, colour and design option imaginable, which are both comfortable and stylish! If you are happy wearing a pair of sky-high stilettos on your wedding day, we applaud you – they look absolutely fabulous, no matter what style of wedding dress you are wearing. But if you fancy something that is slightly more comfortable but still looks chic, check out our recommendations below:

Peep toe wedding shoes


No matter which heel height or design you decide on, peep toes are a popular choice of wedding shoe for obvious reasons – they give that extra bit of room and movement so your toes don’t feel cramped after being on your feet all day. Plus, you get to show off a bit of your wedding day pedicure, so what’s not to love about peep toe wedding shoes?!

T-bar wedding shoes


T-bar wedding shoes are also a firm favourite with brides for a number of reasons – not only does the structure of the T-bar and ankle strap give extra support and comfort, but the style itself also gives an elegant, vintage feel to a bridal outfit. If you are interested in some retro yet stylish T-bar wedding shoes, make sure you have a look at Elegant Steps’ range.

Flat wedding shoes


For the ultimate comfort on your wedding day, opt for flat shoes so you don’t have to worry about being on your feet for a long time – plus, you can dance the night away without getting barefoot! The best bit about flat wedding shoes is that they look stunning with such a variety of dresses – from long trains to midi-length skirts, flats complement all types of wedding dresses whilst remaining stylish, and more importantly, comfortable.

Are you planning what to wear on your wedding day? Do you think comfort is more important than style when it comes to wedding shoes, or vice versa? Let us know!

Hope this helps, have fun shoe shopping!

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