Are you wearing two dresses?

Are you wearing two dresses?

Traditionally, in  Europe and the USA especially, brides had 2 outfits on their wedding day: A wedding dress (we will call that “THE” dress)  and then their going away dress. Bella in twilight was spot on with this trend.



What happened in more recent times was; after all the searching, shopping, time, effort (in some cases pressure) and the narrowing it down, many brides tended to stay in their gown all day long, and often opted for more comfortable styles like boho and alternative trends over chapel trains, petticoats and corsets.

Then the bridal industry saw massive media coverages on royal and celebrity weddings …… and with that the highly anticipated second dress trend.

There was “THE” dress to actually get married in and then another dress for the party. This second dress was something a bit more manageable but still a total WoW dress. This dress is often fun and comfortable to dance in, something to surprise your guests with. It will have the wearability factor and often be more fashion lead at the same time as making you still feel the best “you”. Some brides switch in to something a bit more sensual, sexy, a low back and a leg slit maybe. Or a shorter dress to keep the legs free and show off your bridal shoes, I mean why hide them all day right?? We have also seen a lot of fun jumpsuits in the bridal scene too.


We find brides often buy 2 dresses if they are getting married in a registry office first. They want something suitable for that short ceremony and celebration that often happens a few weeks before the big day. Then on the day with all the guests, photographer and cake etc they wear “THE” dress. **We had one bride who then put her registry dress back on on the wedding day for the evening party….smart.


After all, finding something that has everything you want and not compromising due to logistics and themes is a mean feat. Often, you just can’t find all the elements you want on one singular dress to show off your personally, figure and style. 

So for whatever reason, or if you have duel celebrations, including getting married abroad and having a party back home, consider your options with the budget you have – don’t spend more, spend smarter.

A lot of Bridal Reloved brides are opting for this. And the reason is usually because they can’t narrow it down to one dress they love most, and often they can get 2 dresses cheaper than the price of one with us so it’s a win win.



In many other countries brides have multiple changes during wedding celebrations including China, Nigeria and japan. In Russia a wedding traditionally last for 2 days and an Indian wedding can be anything from 3-7 days….now thats a lot of fittings!

Have you considered 2 wedding dresses? Talk to us today about your bridal style 




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