A Wedding and a Funeral

A Wedding and a Funeral

A wedding and a funeral – Not a RomCom after all.


While planning their nuptials, surely no couple has unexpected deaths on the agenda. But should they? Macabre as it seems, one should keep all eventualities in mind when planning the big day, as I was reminded the other day by a dear friend, whose wedding I had the pleasure of attending last year.

It was a magnificent do, ticked all the boxes. Destination wedding in the beautiful south of the US of A at the Dataw Island Country Club Beaufort South Carolina. Spanish moss swaying in the breeze from ancient trees, while a Dixie band hums and drums away in front of a mangrove backdrop, reminiscent of Scarlett O’Hara’s Tara.

To fill in the blanks, here is what happened: the wedding was a total success. Magnificent, beautifully organised and executed. Everybody had a blast, including the happy couple. Until disaster struck a few weeks after the ceremony. The bride sent an email to the wedding videographer as she hadn’t heard anything at all. The payment for the video had left the account and the agreed waiting period of a couple of weeks, until the edited video was supposed to be delivered, had elapsed without any contact. Countless unanswered emails and phone calls later it eventually transpired that the poor videographer had sadly passed away before he could finish my friend’s recording of her happiest day.

What to do now you ask? Surely, there is some sort of contingency plan which had to take effect under these circumstances? Sadly, that was not the case. It also didn’t help, that the poor chap had left some sort of convoluted mess behind, whereas he passed intestate, leaving all his possessions (including the footage of the wedding) to his estranged ex-partner, who obviously wasn’t interested in my friend’s dilemma. The most recent partner pre-exodus of the videographer, was neither in shape nor legally able to help. A tedious and stressful few months passed until finally the raw material of the wedding could be extracted and sent off to another chap to fulfil the task of editing the video, for a hefty surcharge, obviously.All that leaves, is a unpleasant taste really and the question as to how to plan for such eventualities.


Obviously, you can’t put a wedding supplier under scrutiny and ask them for a medical history or a copy of their will before assigning them to a job. But it’s sensible to at least ask in an email, that the property rights for the footage shot at your wedding, be it photos or videos, remain with the bride and groom under whatever circumstances in the case of death.  Thus, remaining a dampener in what should be the happiest of memories, at least you save yourself the trouble of possibly losing out altogether.


A few things to check with your wedding insurance & small print with your supliers.

  • Contracts are often void in death when your supplier is a sole trader – Where does that leave you legally?
  • Contingency plans
  • What does your insurance cover?
  • Does your supplier have a second contact incase of emergency? (this could be useful for emergencies on the day too)


Photos by the very much alive TP Photography

Do you work digitally? check in with Social Embers to discus your digital bereavement needs.










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