Tips For A Stress-free Wedding Day

Some tips to help you have a happy day full of big smiles!
Some tips to help you have a happy day full of big smiles!

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As you can imagine we love weddings here at Bridal Reloved and we speak to hundreds of brides every month before their big day and after. Here are some top tips for your wedding day that we have gleamed from our brides and taken from personal experience.

WATER. Drink lots of water the day before. When our brides come in to collect their dresses, (usually a day or two before the big day), I always ask them what they have had to drink that day and usually they have to think about it and usually the answer is just a cup of tea this morning!  When I ask if they have had a headache they usually say yes. It’s massively important to drink water every day obviously, but when you get married the adrenaline that runs through you could match that of a sky divers! Make a real effort to drink plenty the day before. Also the first thing to do when you get up on the day of the wedding is to sink a pint of water. (Don’t worry, it will have passed through your system before you get dressed so there will be no unnecessary trips to the loo in your beautiful gown).

Image of a glass of water
It’s important to keep hydrated.

Write a card or note to your other half and open them in private when you wake. Sometimes weddings can start to feel like a big event for everyone else where you have worked hard and spent a lot of money trying to make it perfect for your guests, a note to each other will bring you both back down to earth and remind you what the day is really all about.

If you don’t have a wedding planner, be super organised and don’t leave anything for the day of the wedding apart from just getting ready if you can. If you can’t you should get that one friend, you know the one, the one that gets things done to coordinate the tasks, picking up flowers, putting ribbons on cars, dressing the venue etc, (try not to rely on Mum too much, the Mother of the Bride is a very important figure on the day as well, so she shouldn’t be running around like a mad woman when she should be enjoying the morning with her daughter getting ready).

Image of a Florist preparing the venue.
Try and be as organised as you can and pick suppliers with good reputations.
Image of a venue fully prepared for a wedding
Be sure that everything will turn out just as you planned it to.

You should do everything you can to ensure you get a good night’s sleep. It might be nice to share a room/bed with your bridesmaids, but seriously consider having a room to yourself with some peace and quiet and a bed to yourself for an undisturbed night sleep so you can wake up well rested ready to enjoy your very special day.

Image of two best mates
While it might be fun to have one last girlie sleepover – consider being a little selfish and having the bed to yourself.


Image of bridal parties shoes.
Pretty accessories and beautiful shoes, they all make a difference on the big day.

Breakfast! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and none more so than on your wedding day. Even if it is a bowl of cereal or a couple of slices of toast, it’s important to have some sustenance as wedding days can be long. You might not sit down to eat till late into the afternoon by which point you will be starving, also you are likely to be drinking some fizz whilst getting ready and alcohol on an empty stomach on the biggest day of your life isn’t a brilliant idea.

Image of a full English
Remember to eat breakfast. Wedding days are long and unstructured – you don’t want a rumbling tummy while you say ‘I do’.

Bra straps. If you are wearing a strapless dress make sure you drop your straps a good few hours before to avoid strap marks. (Same with skinny jeans and tea length dresses, wear something light fitting on those legs).

Image of a bride getting ready.
Getting ready should be a memorable and fun time. Enjoy every moment.

If you are wearing a hoop step in to it and wear it high so it has room to drop. If you can step in to the dress do so, if not don’t rush, take care over your head. Ask your hair dresser and make-up artist to stay until you are securely and comfortably in your dress so they can touch up your make up and attach the veil for you.

If your dressers struggle to do the corset ties then YouTube can save the day with this tutorial http://youtu.be/Y-r2y3tOQI4

Image of a happy bride and groom
Smile for the cameras and remember the day is about the two of you.

Bride bag. Give a trusted friend or bridesmaid a little bag with all your essentials like deodorant, lippy, powder, hair pins, hair spray…. and even a pair of flip-flops.

Your phone, your wedding day is about being social not social on media. Leave it in your room or if you don’t think you are brave enough to part with that little handset, (I have cold sweats thinking about it I have to admit), leave it in your bride bag. I saw a wedding recently where the bride uploaded about 20 selfies throughout the afternoon to Facebook. I know I didn’t have time for Facebook on my wedding day, I was too busy having fun!

1) It’s unsociable to be on your phone whilst you have guests

2) People who aren’t at your wedding will see the photos soon enough

3) You simply will not have any time to message people back. Take the time to do that a few days later, you will enjoy it more and it will serve as a good way for you to go over the highlights of the day in your own mind.

4) Create a hashtag for the day i.e. #mrandmrsbrown2015 or #clairewedspaul2015 and let people know you are using it and encourage them to by using a sign.

5) Use an app to photo share like WedPics and invite all your guests to join up and share their clicks of your day.

Line up. Some people are breaking away from this tradition but it’s the best way to ensure you speak to all of your guests instead of worrying you haven’t got around everyone at the end of the night. Your guests want to congratulate you and tell you that you look beautiful. Bask in it!

Bride speech. If you want to say something do so, in today’s society it’s the bride who generally organises and coordinates the wedding in the most part, so it makes sense that you want to thank people and talk about the finer details.

Image of a bride giving a speech.
Sometimes it’s good to break with tradition – if you want to say a few words then you absolutely should!

Breathe. Eat. Drink. The day will fly by, every so often take a beat, breathe it in and soak it up.

Take a little stroll around the reception gardens with your spouse, often the photographer will whip you off to do some arty intimate shots. Time alone on the day will be limited and this a perfect time to savour each other and your special day. Delegate. If any issues arise look to a bridesmaid to resolve it if you don’t have a planner at hand. You, your partner and parents will be entertaining and hosting.

Try and spend a good balance of time with family, friends and each other. Guests often flock in groups so move around the room. Also try to see people together as a couple, guests like to talk to both of you and see you together.

Finally the dress. Whatever you decide to do with your dress after be it, keep it, display it, sell it, up-cycle it to a christening gown or even into a soft furnishing keepsake, you should get it cleaned ASAP, the sooner you clean it the cleaner it becomes.

Image of a wedding dress
Clean your dress as soon as you can – some marks can be pretty stubborn.

Enjoy, celebrate and love.

Thank you to Kate for providing all the helpful hints and inspiration for this blog and thanks to all our lovely friends for allowing us to use images from their special days.

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