Meet The Supplier: Stripey Finds

Meet The Supplier: Stripey Finds

Hi Lovelies,

I have a confession to make. I know some people hate it when the clocks go back and it gets dark by 4pm, but I love this time of year. I love the feeling of drawing the curtains and getting cosy indoors in the warmth. I love the colours of Autumn, vibrant golds and reds that bring life to the surroundings and cancel out the inevitable grey and rainy sky. Don’t get me wrong I love the sunshine and long evenings in the summertime, but there is something so comforting about winding down and snuggling on the sofa with Netflix and a cup of tea!

The changing season means we get be creative with our window displays. Now as a team we have loads of creative ideas and themes that we would love to see reflected in our windows but we never know how to channel this creativity into an organised and beautiful look. This is why we look to the wonderful Cara Franses at Stripey Finds. Cara has recently done a brilliant job with our displays and believe me when I say the pictures don’t do nearly enough justice to the marvellous job she has done.

Stripey Finds is a wedding and party design consultancy and shop. They work closely with you and learn about your themes and ideas to help you to design and dress a spectacular event be it a birthday, wedding or corporate event. They work with everything be it traditional, quirky, out of the ordinary, whatever your vision, be it big or small Stripey Finds call help. You might just be looking for petal confetti or you might need help with the entire design of your event, Stripey Finds can be involved as little or as much as you like.

Image of Stripey FInds Banners

I decided to pick Cara’s brain and see what inspires her and how she got into the business, she was kind enough to allow me to steal some of her precious time and ask her some questions.

Cara devised Stripey Finds when she had come to a crossroads in her career. She has always been a creative person and has been making things from a very young age, she had her own sewing machine at the age of 9. She then went on to do a BA Hons in Textile Design at University so it has always been a big passion of hers. Cara had also helped organised weddings for friends, themed birthday parties and events for work so it seemed like the natural progression for her to do it professionally, helping people create their dream wedding is what gives her the most job satisfaction and it really is like a dream come true for her.

Cara uses her clients for inspiration. They often say to her, ‘I’m not very creative, however as she begins her fact find, she discovers that this is very often is not the case. As she gets them talking it becomes quite obvious that actually most people do have a very clear idea of what they want, they just need the vision to execute it correctly. For example when Cara is speaking to a couple who are getting married she uses the time to gauge their personalities, find out their quirks and hobbies so she can use that information to tailor their wedding into an event that reflects them completely. It creates a unique day which is full of little personal touches that add an extra dimension to an already very special day.

Image of Stripey Finds workshop.

To dress our windows Cara used items that reflect the time of year. Rustic reds, bright oranges, pine cones, twigs and dried flowers. She also injected an element of fun by incorporating the use of vivid colour in the opposite window which I think perfectly captures the two festivals we celebrate at this time of year, Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night. Brightly coloured sweeties and a clever use of ribbon really make the window ‘pop’ and it’s hard not to stop and have a peek in! However one thing she didn’t use but ordinarily loves to is feathers! She doesn’t use them for every event as they aren’t right for every occasion, however when she does get the opportunity then she embraces it wholeheartedly. She gets the feathers dyed to her specification to match the theme she is working on. She has had some brides who used balloons filled with feathers as their table centres, it is a great talking point and also something to keep the younger guests entertained. Cara is really big on personalised touches and one of the ways she achieves this is using rubber stamps. She first discovered this technique at Art College, she hand carves her own stamps with her own designs, and then uses them to put a unique stamp on a special day. She likes using this touch for weddings that are very much following a ‘non-traditional’ feel.

Image of Autumn window display

Image of ribbon detailing

Cara’s own favourite venue to dress is the Kingston Country Courtyard in Corfe Castle, Dorset. She loves it so much that she herself got married there too. She said it was perfect for them as a couple as it was a huge blank canvas which enabled them to create the style they were looking for. A good tip she offers to any couple that are currently venue hunting is that you will know when you have found the right place as you will be able to vividly picture yourself there. Her dream venue that she would love to dress is Casa la Siesta in Cadiz Province, Spain. It’s an ideal place for an intimate wedding and the rustic venue means it would be stylish and sophisticated, she says, ‘It would be truly magical and your whole wedding party would be transported to an Eden of calm and beauty.’ It sounds completely breath-taking.

Cara is so passionate about what she does, it’s easy to see why she is so popular. She has a great creative flair and bags of talent and the love she has for her work is really reflected in the visions she creates. Cara is available to style all kinds of events personal or corporate. She has a website and is available on social media – I’ll post all of her links below.

Imahge of coloured detailing.

Image of coloured props

I’m sure you’ll agree by looking at the pictures she has done an AMAZING job with our windows and I am getting a teeny weeny bit giddy for when she comes in to do our Christmas display – I have a feeling it will give Selfridges on Oxford Street a run for its money. I’ll be sure to make sure you see those too. Thanks for doing such a great job Cara.

Image of Stripey Finds Logo

You can find Cara at:


Facebook: StripeyfindsUK

Twitter: @cara_stripey

Pinterest: StripeyFinds

Email: cara@stripeyfinds.com

Stripey Finds eBay Store

Hope you all have a wonderful week – wrap up warm and enjoy the fireworks, toffee apples and bonfires – most of all stay safe. Remember to sign up if you don’t want to miss a blog and come and say hi on Twitter – @zbridalreloved

See you next week!

Zarina x

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