Meet The Supplier – Concept Flowers

Meet The Supplier – Concept Flowers

An image of Concept Flowers Logo
Concept Flowers based in Bournemouth. www.conceptflowers.co.uk


How are we all? We are super busy here at Bridal Reloved. Not just selling lots of lovely wedding dresses to more brides-to-be but there are lots of exciting things afoot in our franchising company too. We are in the midst of opening not one but two franchise boutiques – the first of which opens in Coventry on the 2nd March. Keep an eye out on the blog as we will be meeting the new owner of this store in a couple of weeks.

This week however we are Meeting The Suppliers. Today it is the turn of the wonderful Lauren from Concept Flowers. I LOVE FLOWERS. I love giving them and I especially love receiving them so I have really enjoyed getting to know Lauren and finding out about floristry.

An image of Lauren.
The wonderfully creative Lauren from Concept Flowers. Photo credit www.annamorganphotography.co.uk

Introduce yourself and the nature of your business.

Hello! I’m Lauren, a fully qualified and professional master florist and the owner of Concept Flowers based in Bournemouth. We are an award winning floristry business that create beautiful bridal blooms and floral event décor for weddings. I never thought I would be a florist and now I am I wouldn’t want to do anything else.

An image of a bunch of flowers in a jug
Bright blooms can brighten anyone’s day. This bunch from Concept Flowers is beautiful. Photo credit www.nickrutterphotography.co.uk

How did you get into it and how long have you been in the business?

I fell into floristry at a young age on an apprenticeship scheme and fell in love with it all from day one. Passion and a willingness to learn and a desire to be creative took over and I continued with my studies. Studying for a total of eight years from being an apprentice- right through to completing a diploma and master’s degree for Floristry. Through this time, I also got to take part in competitions such as the Chelsea Flower Show where I won a silver Gilt medal and bronze medal and Tatton Park where I won a gold medal. I have been a florist for twelve years and I have owned my own business for nearly four of those.

An image of a bride's bouquet
A gorgeously simple Bride’s bouquet. The neutral colours of this bouquet make the overall effect stunning. Concept Flowers can work with any theme you give them. Photo credit www.annamorganphotography.co.uk

What is your favourite time of the year (in terms of your profession)?

I genuinely love what I do and to be able to do that every day throughout the year is a privilege that I have worked hard for and continue to work hard for. So picking a favourite time of the year is tough but I do love weddings! Wedding season is now pretty much all year round and I do enjoy the intensity and the buzz of the core seasonal months- May, June, July, August, September, October. When it’s not wedding season, Christmas, Valentines Day and Mother’s Day are there to keep you busy and on your toes!

What products do you love to use?

Such a tough question as the beauty of flowers changes all year round through seasonal availabilities. Spring time for its anemones, ranunculus and tulips. The Summer for delphinium, peonies and sweet peas and then autumn time for the rich warm forest colours of dahlias, blackberries and antiqued hydrangeas. There is always so much beauty and working with these individual items when they are at their best is an absolute joy.

An image of a bride and groom in the woods
Nature squared. What a stunning backdrop for a wedding and the beautiful bouquet created by Concept Flowers looks perfect in these surroundings.  Photo credit www.bridlephotography.co.uk

What do you use for inspiration?

To a creative person. … inspiration is all around us. From nature, to fashion, to interiors to blogs. Always be a sponge it’s great to be aware of trends to keep current- but you shouldn’t be driven purely by them. I do think though that the most common source of inspiration is Pinterest- a lot of my clients enjoy showing me their pins, and I enjoy seeing my client’s visual dreams in this way. We then work together, using my knowledge and experiences to build a better picture of their wedding flowers.

An image of a table setting
Floristry can mean some artful table styling. Lauren has used her creative flair to achieve this stunning look. Photo credit www.hayleysavagephotography.co.uk

What is your favourite venue and which venue would you most like to work at?

Concept Flowers have been lucky enough to work at and alongside many different venues and all of these venues are beautiful in their own right. But personally I like a rustic venue, I do love The Old Vicarage and Sopley Mill. Two very neutral rustic environments where no matter what you do or put into the space it works great, there is a lot of scope for décor in both of these venues to accent and enhance what is already there and with them being neutral- they take colours well. Every wedding has a different look and feel about them! I wouldn’t mind working with private estates, for example places like Athelhampton House or some more castle venues like Durlston Castle or Lulworth Castle. They lend themselves to a different style of floristry, to the rustic venues and for the right clients it would be great to show what Concept Flowers are capable of in a space like those.

An image of grey and yellow bouquets
Flowers mean that you can play with colour schemes. This grey and yellow theme looks so fresh. Another great look created by Concept Flowers. Photo credit www.onethousandwords.co.uk

If you were not doing this job what other job would you be doing?

I think I would still want a job that was creative, full of compassion and inspiring. I think I’d consider being an interior designer, personal shopper or I would possibly be teaching floristry. I also genuinely wouldn’t mind being a funeral director (as morbid as some people may think that is).

An image of brides and bridesmaids
Summer blooms, summer beauties. I love this colour scheme. Flowers credit Concept Flowers. Photo credit www.tomredmanphotography.com

Please describe a typical day or 48 hours in the run up to a big event?

Not to mention the paperwork and liaising with clients before the run up to an event a typical 48 hours consists of flowers arriving at around 5am a few days before an event to ensure their freshness, these are then conditioned (taken out of packaging, the leaves stripped, all florals get checked over to ensure quality and then they are cut and placed in water). Preparations take place, ensuring stock is accounted for, glassware is clean, delivery boxes are ready and that all the sundries we need for the event are in place. The day before any event is then when we get to make some floral magic! Creating bouquets, and arrangements, buttonholes, corsages and floral hair designs. Depending on the requirements of the individual event, and how many events may be taking place can mean the hours put into physically creating can vary. A minimum amount of 10-15 hours can go into the creative delivery of just one wedding and this is all before we even pack the van and deliver to the chosen venue and commence with the setup ensuring everything is in place to the specification of the client and this is not even taing into account when we have go back to that venue the next day to collect any items on hire. Some days this can be intensive work! Especially in a weekend where you may can have up to three weddings occurring consecutively. The hours of work soon rack up- early mornings and late finishes are a given as part of this industry as time is precious when dealing with fresh and fragile products.

What job/piece of work are you most proud of?

Can I say that I am proud of all of it? Not just proud of the finished products, but I am proud of my little team behind the scenes and also proud of how far the business has come. Everything that is created at Concept is bespoke. Tailored to the individual needs and requirement of our client, and for that reason everything is different. We may take inspiration from a previous design or colour scheme, but the same item is never replicated. You must be proud of everything going “out of the door” as it has the Concept Flowers name on it and that is our reputation.

An image of a blue and purple bouquet.
My FAVOURITE colours. Blues and purples. They clash in perfect sync and have helped Concept Flowers create a stunning look. Photo credit www.bridlephotography.co.uk

All these bright flowers are really making me look forward to the arrival of spring. I’m already dreaming about the smell of freshly cut grass (it means the cricket season isn’t too far away too!) and is it too soon to be contemplating lying in the park in the sunshine? Thanks so much to Lauren for giving us some great insight into the world of beautifully creative floristry. Please take a look at her website on www.conceptflowers.co.uk and if anyone wants to send me a bunch then I’d love some from Concept!

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