Let Me Do You A Favour…

Let Me Do You A Favour…

An image of a jar of Sherbet Lemons.
Sherbet Lemons – YUM! A proper old-school sweet. Photo credit Damian Burcher.


They say it’s the little things in life that can sometimes make all the difference. How true this is. Especially when it comes to weddings. Yes, people will look at the dress, yes they will scrutinise the venue, yes they will critique the food in the manner of A A Gill on a very bad day but they will also take in all the details of the finishing touches, all the finer details and little accents you have poured blood, sweat and tears into and they will have an opinion on those too.

An image of a snowflake shaped lapel pin.
A winter-themed wedding with a glittery snowflake lapel pin favour.

The littlest thing that will cause the biggest reaction will undoubtedly be the wedding favours. Gone are the days where you could get away with putting five sugared almonds in a box for your guests to take away. Wedding favours now require as much thought and hand-wringing as the flowers, dress and transport. To be honest, such is the pressure to make them a ‘talking point’, many couples are choosing to do away with them entirely just to alleviate the stress. However, I must put my hand up and confess to being a ‘favour judger’. I attended a wedding where we were given four Ferrero Rochers in a box, (ooh Ambassador, you are spoiling us), at the time I remember thinking well you may as well just not have bothered and looking back now that was rather uncharitable.

An image of a box of ferrero rocher
A box of the Ambassador’s favourites…how are four of these meant to satisfy anyone? Ha ha just kidding….(maybe)

If you are going to go with favours, then you need to survey the overall look of your wedding and see what you can get that matches in with it. Don’t be tempted to go cheap or cut corners as this will clash with your overall look and you don’t want to ruin what otherwise might have been a stylish and classy affair.

A relatively inexpensive, yet lovely favour is by using your actual table decorations. You could use a single rose or small posy in each place setting then these can be taken home as a favour. This can be rolled into your florist’s budget and it’s a two for one deal and you’ve taken away the added job of having to package them up.

An image of floral centrepieces
Everyone loves beautiful flowers – a great idea for your guests to take away. Photo credit Damian Burcher.

Another inexpensive, but fun way to win the favour game is by using sweets. Now I don’t mean a la Ferrero Rocher from earlier, (there I go being Judgy Judgerson again!), but there is a growing trend for retro sweets which you can capitalise on. You could go for a big bowl on the table so your guests can stave off their hunger pangs by having a rummage for Wine Gums, Parma Violets, Fruit Salad and Black Jacks. You have the option of going for the small individual bags of Haribo, lollipops or personalised chocolates. If you are making up a sweetie box for each guest, then you could go for Love Hearts and Jelly Beans. These favours are universally popular with young and old. Or you could have a Sweet Cart setup at the reception and invite your guests to make up their own bag of pick n mix to take home.

An image of a candy striped bag of sweets.
Have you seen Pic n Mix prices these days – they are a scandal. Your guests are sure to appreciate a personalised bag of sweet goodies! Photo credit Damian Burcher.

If you want to give something sweet but more substantial as a favour, then iced biscuits and cupcakes are a great solution. Iced biscuits are easy enough to make so if it is for a small number of people, it could be something you or a baking mad friend could do for you. If, however you aren’t brave enough to attempt it or no-one steps up then there are so many companies around that can do this for you. You just need to find the solution that works best for you.

An image of an individually iced biscuit.
Individually iced biscuits give you a lovely personal touch. Work as a place name holder as well! Photo credit Damian Burcher

The reason cupcakes are a great idea is that they are a multi-purpose favour. It means you could opt for a smaller wedding cake and the cupcake can act as everyone’s individual slice, or you could go for a non-traditional cake, for example one made of cheese, but the individual cupcake favours will still satisfy the traditionalists hunger for cake.

An image of cupcakes
Salted caramel cupcakes – the closest I’ve come to tasting what heaven feels like! Thanks to Abby from www.abbystrulyscrumptiouscakes.co.uk for these!

If you already have favours in place for your female guests, but are struggling with ideas four your male ones, then cigars and miniatures could be the answer. A small bottle of whisky or any other spirit is guaranteed to put a smile on their face. To be honest miniatures can cover your female guests too – vodka and gin are definitely crowd pleasers. If you go for the cigar option, then it’s worth remembering that you should splurge a little and go for the high quality ones. You don’t want a pack of menfolk coughing and spluttering outside your venue all evening do you?

An image of a miniature bottle of whisky
Miniatures – a crowd pleaser. You can go for vodka, whisky or for the brave Tequila! Photo credit Damian Burcher.

Why not give a favour that will give the recipient a longer lasting memory of your special day? Packets of seeds are a genius idea. You could give your favourite flower or seeds of a flower that you’ve used throughout your wedding. You could attach a little note saying you would love it if your guests planted them and then sent you pictures of them flowering. Or you could go for tiny plants in those charming little silver pots, a lovely memento to take away that doesn’t require too much upkeep or experienced green fingers.

An image of a packet of seeds
Your guests can grow their own reminder of your special day – a sweet memento. Photo credit Damian Burcher.

A great favour that will only cost you at most £2 per person is a lottery ticket or a scratch card. If it’s a winning ticket, it’ll certainly be the gift that keeps on giving, make sure you make clear that if it’s a big winner you expect a share of the winnings or at the very least an amazing wedding present. This is a favour that can be arranged last minute but will be very well received.

An image of a scratchcard
If someone wins big from one of your favours I would expect more than a toaster as a wedding present!! Photo credit Damian Burcher

I once attended an awards evening and as a gift we were all given a rescue kit for the morning after the night before. You could make up these kits yourself – some berrocca, a bottle of water, painkillers, an energy drink and a mini bottle of Worcester sauce for those brave enough to go for hair of the dog. Bloody Mary’s can be known to be a saviour! However, if you have children at your wedding it isn’t a wise idea to have painkillers within the reach of little fingers, you might want to consider this option if you are having only adults present.

If you are getting married on the day of a big event, say for example The World Cup Final or the Grand National perhaps then these open up more options for favours. You could gift the men packets of Panini football stickers – apparently during a World Cup it is compulsory to collect these. Or if it’s the Grand National you could by all of your guests a £1 bet each using all the horses – someone is guaranteed to come away a winner.

An image of a mini jam jar
These are the cutest things I have ever seen – mini pots of jam! What a great idea! Photo credit Damian Burcher

If you think a little bit creatively and outside the box, there a myriad of different things you can use as inspiration for your favours. Remember though, favours are not the only lasting and abiding memory of your big day, they are just a fun addition. Please feel free to send me pictures of any good, bad and ugly favours you’ve received as a guest. I want to say a huge thank you to Damian Burcher at  www.damianburcher.com for allowing me to use some of his beautiful images. He is a very talented photographer. If you have any ideas, then those are very welcome too. Sign and up subscribe if you want my weekly musings to ping straight into your inbox – and tweet me @zarinabridalreloved

Zarina xx

P.S. – Ooooops massive #AwkwardFace – as the boss was reading over the blog she reminded me that the Ferrero Rocher were the favours at her wedding. #MemoryFail #SoFired #P45 #Justsaying #Cheap

I will hopefully be back next week, that is if I’m allowed first of all to blog ever again and secondly if I am actually still employed! #MyBad

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