Leap of Faith

If you do need a day to feel more empowered or more confident then today is one of those day. Today is traditionally the day women propose to their partners.

Back before women could vote, go to university, speak etc it’s no surprise we couldn’t make decisions about who we could marry either, let alone ask someone to marry you, other than on the 29th of February that is.

It’s a tradition, and old traditions started way back down the evolution calendar. So much has changed since then but traditions do give some people purpose and meaning and many people take comfort in traditions.

So if you need that extra boost…. you take it, you take that leap of faith in yourself and in your love.

Back in the day around 45 BC, Julius Caesar (along with the help of his Egyptians friends) added an extra day to the calendar every 4 years. This is because it took 365 and a 1/4 days for the earth to orbit the sun. So every 4 years we get an extra day by adding the 1/4s up. If you happen to be born on the 29th Feb you get your birthday every 4 years, so as my school friends and I celebrate 40 birthdays this year, one of my friends is celebrating his 10th birthday (at Laser Quest no doubt)

Back in the 5th century a nun called St. Bridget took a topic she had been pondering to St. Patrick. She explained that she believed that women should be able to propose marriage to a man just as men do to women (mainly if said man were dragging his feet). Radical and progressive St. Patrick agreed and granted woman a day every 4 years on the Leap year to do this #yay.

Fast forward to 29th February 2020, by large and fortunately, many women don’t need one day every 4 years to do this, women can marry whoever they want, whenever they want, and ask them on any day of the year that pleases them.

Many of course find this tradition sexist and out dated along with other traditions and it absolutely is, so let’s take time to thank the forward thinkers St. Bridget and her pal St. Patrick for being early advocates of female empowerment. It was a good start (I totally see Bridget as the “at work mum” and Patrick as the “work from home/stay at home dad” here btw…. go team Bridgtrick!)



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