Hen Party Shenanigans

Image of a bride and friend on a hen night.


Christmas party season is upon us!  I love getting glammed up with sparkles and glitter! This got me thinking about hen parties.  We have so much choice these days I thought I’d do a blog about what to consider when planning a shindig be it your own or somebody else’s.

Various images of a Karaoke hen party
Karaoke madness for Joanna’s Hen Party at Fanhams Hall Hotel.

First of all you need to decide what you want. Sit down with your bridesmaids and speak to them honestly about things you wouldn’t mind doing, things you wouldn’t mind trying and the things you don’t under any circumstances even want to consider. This is a very important conversation to have, the element of surprise can be quite exciting, but if you take off that blindfold and you find yourself in a situation that makes you massively uncomfortable, well that’s just fun for no-one. If you aren’t one for going out dancing and drinking cocktails, well there are plenty of other alternatives. You could opt for a more sedate bridal shower. Yes I know this is another concept that we have adopted from our American cousins, however it’s one that offers a bride to be a nice compromise. If you prefer a nice afternoon out with the special women in your life then this is the way forward. This is also a good way of involving your mum, mum in law, Gran etc. if you feel they wouldn’t be comfortable on a rowdy, booze fuelled night out.

Images of an afternoon tea.
A sedate and charming tea party.
Images of drinking antics.
Cocktails and champagne – wonderful combination.
Images of various wild adventures
A wild weekend full of adrenaline pumping activites

Hen Parties! Now I know for some brides those two words can strike fear into their heart. Organised fun can sometimes be overwhelming and when there is a large group of people together keeping everyone happy can obviously, sometimes, be difficult. You have to navigate diverse friendship circles, family and in-laws.   But if you plan it right and then leave the rest up to fate it doesn’t have to be such a daunting prospect. Also while hen party paraphernalia might be fun, we know L plates aren’t necessarily for everyone.

Imagees of hen party paraphernalia
Hen Party paraphernalia – who comes up with these ideas?

You can go for a ‘one night only’ option. You can keep it confined to your local town/city, choose somewhere to have some food then do a tour of the various pubs, bars and clubs that are available to you. This is a convenient, low-cost way to plan a Hen Party. The level of organisation needed is small and it can be arranged quickly if a Hen Party was the last thing on your list of priorities. You can extend this to a ‘Leo Sayer’ (popular rhyming slang for an all day, marathon booze and food session). This means that people can be flexible about when they join the fun, or when they have to leave.

However in recent times, due the advent of cheap flights and internet tour operators, more and more brides are opting for a weekend of fun, or for the more hardcore serial party-goer bride the five day tour away hen party. This can be a brilliant way of getting a few days of R&R in before the wedding madness sucks you in and you can get a few days of sun to start developing the all-important wedding dress tan.   The most popular destination is Spain. Anywhere along the sunny Costa Del Sol is surely a winner. Warm weather and cheap cocktails is a heady combination and one that ticks the boxes for everyone. If you are planning a trip abroad the best advice I can give you is try not to go away in a very large group. At some point one of the party will feel obligated to be the ‘teacher’ of the group having to count people in and out everytime you go somewhere, and let’s face it no-one wants to be the killjoy on a fun holiday right? Opt to go with a small group of your closest female friends and family, it’s easier logistically and means everyone can get in on the obligatory group photo taken at the airport at 5am, without having their body chopped in half!

Image of lots of hen parties

Nowadays you can also have the stress of planning a Hen Party taken away from you. There are now a number of companies you can contact and they will tailor a package to suit you and your group and work to a budget you can afford. There are hundreds of things you can do from a pole-dancing class, cocktail masterclasses right the way to white-water rafting and gorge-walking. Our friend Angela from Langley Travel is an expert at organising Hen Parties, romantic getaways and honeymoons. Their website is http://www.langley-travel.co.uk/ or the phone number is 01305 852234.

Hope you have enjoyed looking at pictures of various Hen escapades we’ve been a part of in recent years.  Thanks once again to all our friends and family for allowing us to use their pictures.  Here are the links of all the venues we have visited in our adventures this year.

Fanhams Hall Hotel: www.ehvenues.com/fanhams-hall-hotel/the-venue:

RMS Titanic Hotel: http://rmstitanichotel.co.uk/

The Priory Hotel: www.theprioryhotel.co.uk

Oooh and before I sign off this week, I am thrilled to report that wedding bells are in the air here at Bridal Reloved!  Our very own Miss Collins (AKA Beverley) is celebrating her engagement to the lovely Matt after he proposed on her birthday last week.  Congratulations to you both from all of Team Bridal Reloved! We loved Matt’s toasty proposal – how adorable!

Image of Beverley and Matt's engagement.
Congratulations to our lovely Beverley and Matt on their recent engagement. We are off to buy a hat!

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Speak soon.

 Zarina xx



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