Happy Birthday Bridal Reloved Liverpool

Happy Birthday Bridal Reloved Liverpool



Happy Birthday Bridal Reloved Liverpool!


Carol hit Liverpool with a bang and over the year has gathered tons of amazing reviews:

Came into the store today and enjoyed every minute! Carol is so helpful and had lots of great advice about different styles and shapes. She made me feel at ease and even offered us tea and cake. Would recommend Bridal Reloved to anyone looking for their perfect dress!
Jodie Weathers November 2016

It’s been a year since we opened our Liverpool boutique and what journey it’s been! We wanted to share with your our story from the start :

After months of planning, preparation, training, love and sweat, we opened Bridal Reloved Liverpool on June 10th 2016 at 10am. At 1pm that day a freak and massive rain storm hit Liverpool which filled the drains to fast causing them to block. Water flooded Aigburth Road causing major damage to many of the stores, businesses and homes!

As you can imagine this was a horrendous day, opening a new business has its challenges but this really was sent to try us.

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Although a frightening experience, we know we got off relatively lightly compared to many. We were lucky enough to have a few more minutes to prepare than others did due to the step up in front of our shop delaying the disaster . We were able to save all our dresses and move them to higher ground. Once the water reached and breached our threshold it was just the floors that were damaged. Nevertheless Bridal Reloved Liverpool closed for 6 weeks after only being open for 3 hours whilst the builders and decorators (who had only left 4 days earlier) were back to rip up the floors and rip down the walls and re build our beautiful boutique.


So here we are a year later. Carol has helped so many lovely brides find their dream dress, she has been published in magazines and on line, been nominated and shortlisted for awards and won a regional Wedding Award for best customer service! It’s clear that Bridal Reloved Liverpool well and truly bounced back from a soggy start!


Below is a photo of one of Carols most recent brides Kathrine, who we met whilst visiting Carol on a store visit. It was lovely to meet this beautiful bride and her lovely mum and sister! she looked stunning in her dress! its such an honour to be part of a brides journey, we say it every day but we really do think we have the best job ever!


Here’s what Kathrine said about her visit:

Went in this week just to see what was there to have a try on, and ended up buying my dress! Carol was a star and made me feel so at ease and she was the one that bought in my dress as a suggestion as it was totally what I thought wouldn’t suit me! The woman knows her stuff!! We loved our time there and she even managed to slot us in for another appointment last minute to show one of my bridesmaids just to make sure ???? Lovely little shop and well worth a visit regardless of your budget x
Kathrine Lee june 2017


Happy Birthday Liverpool and congratulations on your achievements and growing business!




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