Onlyway - Bridesmaid Dress

Onlyway | Bridesmaid Dress
  • DRESS: Bridesmaid
  • COLOUR: Other
  • DESIGNER: Onlyway

The classic Onlyway dress is a true one size fits all solution

( UK6 – UK22 ).

Available in 42 colours and offering quick delivery.

Each dress is handmade and produced in the UK. The quality and workmanship is evident when compared with high street equivalents and other leading multiway brands.

Try it on

If you would like to try on this dress please book an appointment:

We have a one customer at a time policy. This way the bride gets the privacy of the store to themselves.

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Finding 'the one'!

As Bridal Reloved only ever has one of any dress in stock, naturally some brides may feel a little pressured to buy on the same day, worrying they will miss out on ‘the one’. We hate that this can be the case – brides should never feel pressurised into buying a dress.

So, if you do find a dress you love, we are always happy to reserve it for you. We will pop your name onto the chosen dress so you can go away, have a think, look over your photos and even pop to a few more bridal shops to look at other dresses. Some of our dresses often have up to 3 names on!



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