Tara Keely Bridal Dress

  • REF NUMBER: C1740
  • DRESS: Straight
  • FABRIC: Crepe
  • DRESS: Bridal
  • PRICE: £1000
  • COLOUR: Ivory
  • SIZE: 10
  • DESIGNER: Tara Keely
  • LOCATION: Aberdeenshire

Purchased my dress from a shop in Bath, but relocated up here so I’m now up here. It arrived much much smaller than anticipated, so I took it to an alterations shop here. They did their best, but its still too small. Has never been worn, only tried on. UK size 10, but a snug one. Made my Tara Keely in NYC. Bought for £1400, so would want not too far off that as its never been worn.

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