Ritva Westenius Bridal Dress

  • REF NUMBER: C1923
  • DRESS: Fit to flare
  • FABRIC: Satin, Organza
  • DRESS: Bridal
  • PRICE: £470
  • COLOUR: Ivory
  • SIZE: 8
  • DESIGNER: Ritva Westenius
  • LOCATION: Greater London

Brand new, store dry-cleaned timeless classic catwalk frontliner by one of Britain’s finest luxury couture bridal designers.

My husband has always been one of a kind: suave, sophisticated, and with a heart of gold! I wanted a dress that would make his jaw drop, and I wanted to be dressed by one of the finest British independent bridal designers.

I was so surprised when I tried dresses on to find so many of them frumpy, and – in my mother’s words – something she might have worn. On the flipside, too many were overly revealing, or felt like they’d date pretty quickly.

Ritva Westensius’ dresses were different. Having been at the forefront of bridal luxury couture since 1977, her background behind the scenes of the famous Parisienne couture houses was evident in her elegant styles and ultra-flattering cuts.

Olympia is Ritva Westensius’ catwalk frontliner from her timeless classic collection. Organza over duchesse satin with satin bands and a flattering cut around the collar bone, it gives me a graceful hourglass shape, and I have no idea how (I’m more flat all the way down)! I visited her beautiful shop in Connaught Village, London, with my sister, and she cried when I walked out of the dressing room.

Just like with my husband, I knew it was something special! I would love for Olympia to make a bride as happy as she has made me! She is 100% brand new (professionally dry-cleaned), luxury couture, handmade, and oh so lovely.

Ritva’s luxury dresses sell for thousands, but the dress I was able to negotiate down to £1,500 (to give you an idea of the savings on this resale!).

I’d be happy to answer any questions, and we live in Maida Vale, fairly centrally in London, if that’s convenient for you to pop round to pick up from, or I am happy to ship it to you at a cost of £25 for postage.

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