Alexia Bridal Dress

  • REF NUMBER: C6680
  • DRESS: A Line
  • FABRIC: Satin
  • DRESS: Bridal
  • PRICE: £2500
  • COLOUR: Ivory
  • SIZE: 10
  • DESIGNER: Alexia
  • LOCATION: Lancashire

Due to a specific reason, I have a BRAND NEW wedding dress, designed by a Greek Designer, named Alexia. The wedding dress is bespoke, first hand, not warm at all. Adjustments can be made by you if needed.

Bespoke wedding dress, Brand New, Never worn and it was tailored on August 2023. The wedding dress has extra fabric within so it can be adjusted based on the needs of the person who wants to buy it. The average size of that dress various between XS and M.

The material of the wedding dress is Migato, with a few details on the front part and 2 meters long tail gown.

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