Kate (HQ)

Role: Proprietor & Founder of Bridal Reloved
Previous Roles: Before Bridal Reloved, Kate was a Casting Director and Agent.
Favourite Dress Designer: Claire Pettibone (…..actually all of them!)
Likes: Wine Wednesdays (or every day!), Dorset and boxsets.
Dislikes: Talking animals, hot towels and Twiglets

Diane (HQ)

Role: Accounts
Previous Roles: Diane is semi-retired and a very accomplished Grandma.
Favourite Dress Designer: Sottero & Midgley
Likes: Sailing, racing, Gin, Champagne and diamonds, oh and her daughter Kate. (Disclaimer: the last one may or may not have been added by Kate (see above!))
Dislikes: Wasps, pineapples and Marmite.

Beverley (AKA Miss Collins) (HQ)

Role: Franchise Co–ordinator
Previous Roles: Previously, Miss Collins used to manage an Art Gallery and ran her own homeware and gift business.
Favourite Dress Designer: Ian Stuart
Likes: Art, festivals and Prosecco.
Dislikes: Spiders, smelly feet and lamb.

Stacey - Franchise Assistant

Stacy (HQ)

Role: Franchisee Assistant.
Previous Role: Self Employed Hairdresser.
Favourite dress designer: Suzanne Neville & Caroline Castigliano.
Likes: Loves my family, Drinking Prosecco & Shopping.
Dislikes: Feet, Spiders & Horrid Smells.

Karly (HQ)

Role: Apprentice at our Dorchester store.
Previous Roles: Student.
Favourite Dress Designer: Mori Lee.
Likes: One Direction (!), her family, chocolate and she LOVES films.
Dislikes: Knees, birds and heights.


Role: Lead Seamstress/Dressmaker
Previous Roles: Emily has been designing and sewing clothes since she was 6 years old.
Favourite Dress Designer: Ian Stuart for design and Essence of Australia for design and quality. (There’s that Dressmakers eye.)
Likes: Loves her daughter Annalise, camping, sewing and dressing up.
Dislikes: Snakes, food with eyes (!) and liquorice.


Role: Franchisee Bridal Reloved Beverley
Previous Roles: Michelle was a publican before she joined Bridal Reloved.
Favourite Dress Designer: Claire Pettibone or Mori Lee.
Likes: Wine, gin, barbecues, socialising and reading.
Dislikes: Coat hangers, milk and spiders.


Role: Joint franchisee of Bridal Reloved Maldon
Previous Roles: Jemma also runs her own very successful Music Syncing Business.
Favourite Dress Designer: Justin Alexander
Likes: Music, festivals, holidays and vintage fashion.
Dislikes: Fish, frogs, ironing.


Role: Joint franchisee of Bridal Reloved Maldon
Previous Roles: Lindsey worked in a hospital as a carer.
Favourite Dress Designer: Justin Alexander
Likes: Shabby chic, vintage furniture, festivals and celebrity gossip.
Dislikes: Birds, salad.


Role: Owner of Bridal Reloved Coventry.
Previous Roles: Retail and Customer Service.
Favourite Dress Designer: Jenny Packham.
Likes: Prosecco, cooking and walking her dog.
Dislikes: Gardening, velvet and bad service.


Role: Owner of Bridal Reloved Rowton
Previous Roles: Partnerships manager at the Local Council
Favourite Dress Designer: Jenny Packham
Likes: Interior Design, egg fried rice and funky French house music
Dislikes: Folk music, heights and running


Role: Owner of Bridal Reloved Liverpool
Previous Roles: 15 years in cosmetics retail and Makeup artistry
Favourite Dress Designer: between Justin Alexander and Ian Stuart, although I’m just a sucker for texture and layered materials
Likes: Sunny days, meals out and a good brew!
Dislikes: Fish, spicy food, yukky smells and adults talking like toddlers (Haribo advert!)


Role: Franchisee Bridal Reloved Rainham
Previous Roles: 18 years in local government
Favourite dress designers: Suzanne Neville, Justin Alexander, Sassi Holford. I love lace!
Likes: shoes, wine and Family
Dislikes: tomatoes, beer and the wrong shoes with an outfit!


Role: Franchisee Bridal Reloved Rainham
Previous Role: Ran own child-minding business
Favourite dress designer: too hard to choose!
Likes: family, wine & cocktails, chocolate, dancing, musicals, Disney & food!
Dislikes: running, marmite, daddy long legs & bad hair days (which is often!!)


Role: Franchisee Bridal Reloved Sawston
Previous Role: Cabin Manager for an airline for 11.5 years
Favourite dress designer: Ian Stewart, Vera Wang & Maggie Sottero
Likes: Movies, Christmas & German Shepherds
Dislikes: Pigeons, coffee & the dentist


Role: Bridal Reloved Street.
Previous Role: Secondary school Geography teacher.
Favourite dress designer: Ian Stuart. I can’t resist the ruffles.
Likes: Musicals, Poldark and pugs.
Dislikes: Spiders and gardening.


Role: Franchisee Bridal Reloved Wallingford.
Previous Role: Customer Service Manager.
Favourite dress designer: Maggie Sottero.
Likes: Fashion, Travel, Dogs.
Dislikes: Liquorice, Chardonnay, Rudeness.


Role: Franchisee Bridal Reloved Hackney.
Previous Role: Seamstress.
Favourite dress designer: Stewart Parvin.
Likes: Music, Dancing, Laughing…a lot, Exploring.
Dislikes: Parsley, coriander, wasting time.


Role: Franchisee Bridal Reloved Newport.
Previous Role: Regional Business Manager for ESPA.
Favourite dress designer: Ronald Joyce.
Likes: Prosecco cocktails and Dominos (the food, not the game).
Dislikes: Marmite, bad teeth and ignorance.


Role: Franchisee Bridal Reloved Leicester.
Previous Role: TA in a primary school.
Favourite dress designer: Sassi Holford.
Likes: A good night out with lots of fun and laughter, spending time with family and of course I love wine o’clock.
Dislikes: Bad customer service, Brussel sprouts and coat hangers facing the wrong way.